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"Ready-to-Grow" Kits

Imagine...fresh lettuce growing on your roof, balcony or stairwell!

A simple customized technique !

A=Filling tube B= Submerged potting soil wick C= Water level overflow D= Water reservoir E= False bottom F=potting soil

After much experimentation, the Rooftop Garden Project adopted self watering containers. Thanks to their 14 liter water reserves, our "ready to grow kits" optimize the growing potential of vegetable plants by providing a constant supply of water and oxygen.

Our bins measure 37" x 58" x 40".

This technique has many advantages for the urban gardeners:
* Recovery of household compost
* Up to 4 days of water autonomy
* Easy to move and to adapt
* Guaranteed good soil quality
* Affordability

To purchase your Kit, come to Alternatives between 9am-5pm Mon-Fri, no appointment required. We are located at 3720 avenue du Parc, corner of Pine avenue, Montreal.
**Click here for the map.**

Or call (514) 982-6606 #2230

Quantities are limited, so act quickly!

Price $40
cedar cover 25$ (limited)
Download the attachment below for the user's manual.

manual 2009 web.pdf281.55 KB

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