Our Gardens

Our different gardens are productive and community spaces open to citizen participation and involvement, with the goal of improving, sharing and introducing the techniques of rooftop gardening in Montreal and around the world. The Edible Campus Garden (Jardin du Roulant) Our main demonstration garden site is at McGill University (in the center of the campus, next to the geography building, Burnside - 805 Sherbrooke West). There, our volunteers and our staff collaborate to produce vegetables for the meals-on-wheels service of the Santropol Roulant. This is also the spot where we organise public events, workshops, and we develop new gardening techniques .
If you are interested in participating in the Santropol Garden, you may contact them at (514) 284-9335 or got to the website
OUR OTHER GARDENS The UQAM garden: Our most recent baby, the rooftop garden at the UQAM design building, has arrived! Named after the militant environmentalist Claire Morissette and installed and planted at the end of June, 2007, this latecomer on the 6th floor, is a true urban garden with an amazing view of downtown and Mount Royal.
Gardens at Chez Soi's senior’s housing complex The gardens at Chez Soi are the center of an innovative ‘garden to plate’ urban agriculture initiative that joins residents with local youths and partners several of Montréal’s community based organizations. The Terrace Gardens of Cégep du Vieux Montreal - The Rooftop Garden Project in collaboration with the Cégep du Vieux Garden Committee has transformed three of the campus’ concrete terraces into productive green spaces creating new gathering spaces and outdoor classrooms that encourages students, staff, and neighbors to consider issues such as urban planning, food security, and the environment. Entre-Maman Gardens - The collaboration between the Rooftop Garden Project and et Entre Maman began with a group of mothers curious about the world of gardening and determined to make the back yard of Entre Maman a more inviting place for their family. Nearly 30 self-watering containers and buckets now decorate the paved yard and are cared for by a group of gardeners. Though the garden is maintained collectively the harvest from each container goes to individuals who rented the self-watering container for the season Terroir Scolaire - school gardens of the Plateau Mont-Royal - This year, The Rooftop Garden Project with assistance from its partners are experimenting with an urban agriculture model that aims to green our city, produce local food for our community, and create outdoor classrooms for our children. Vert ta Ville - Concordia University- Vert ta Ville aims to build a network of urban agriculture organizations on the Montreal Island through skill sharing and resource trading. In the spring of 2010, Vert ta Ville succeeded in producing over 15000 seedlings in Concordia's roof-top greenhouse and is supplying more than 20 gardens throughout the city. Villeray Collective Rooftop Garden: The Villeray Collective Rooftop Garden is located on the rooftop of the Patro de Prévost building in Montreal’s Villeray neighbourhood, at 7355 rue Christophe-Colombe. Balcony gardens: Our soil-less gardens are ideal for use on balconies as well as on rooftops. They can produce more vegetables in a small space than regular balcony growers, and need watering only every 2-3 weeks, even in the dog days of summer.
The Pénates Housing Cooperative garden: The garden on the roof of the Penates housing cooperative in Quebec City is entirely taken care of by the residents of the cooperative. Since they have very little outdoor space on the ground, the garden allows the children of the coop to enjoy the sun while also discovering the pleasures of gardening. International Rooftop Garden Projects: Alternatives and Santropol Roulant are working closely with partners in Cuba, Senegal, Malis, Mexico, South Africa and Morocco, exchanging ideas and sharing experiences.
The ITHQ garden: allowed to to reach youth from day camps about food and agriculture issues while also having access to a garden on the third-floor balcony, looking onto Square St-Louis.
The Habitations le Boulevard garden in Montréal Nord: was created for the senior citizens in this residence.
A garden at an HLM for seniors in Outremont