Des jardins sur les toits est un projet d' Alternatives, un réseau d'action et de communication pour le développement international.

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Saison 2006

  • Ismael au travail

    Nouveaux jardins 2006 | New gardens 2006

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  • La fermeture du jardin / The end of the season

    Jardin du roulant | Roulant garden 2006

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  • Cucumber or zucchini? / Concombre ou courgette?

    Jardin Prévost | Garden on the Patro le Prevost in Villeray

    On the roof of the Patro de Prévost, in Montreal’s Villeray neighbourhood, we are helping the Villeray Gardening Network to build and maintain the Jardin Prévost, providing fresh organic veggies for their community kitchen.

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  • Pique nique sur le toit / Pic nic on the roof

    Pénates Housing Coop

    This year (2005) we helped the Pénates Housing Coop in Quebec City set up a small trial garden on their rooftop. They are very enthusiastic to tinker with the systems and grow their own organic vegetables for their communal meals.

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