Des jardins sur les toits est un projet d' Alternatives, un réseau d'action et de communication pour le développement international.

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International Rooftop Garden Projects

Alternatives and Santropol Roulant are working closely with partners in Cuba, Senegal, Mexico and Morocco, exchanging ideas and sharing experiences. Many of the designs used in Montreal have been adapted and innovated through these exchanges, and we are cooperating to establish new research and demonstration centres where we can continue to develop and share our soil-less gardening methods.

The Rooftop Garden Project is helping to strengthen food security, mitigate climate change and green our inner-cities, addressing many challenges shared by people in Northern and Southern countries.

Our soil-less gardening methods hold great potential around the world. In places where water, land or resources are limited, they can be adapted to offer a new source of income for the urban poor.

International Projects

Haïti, Port-au-Prince - Alternative’s is working in partnership with APROSIFA, the Association for the Promotion of Integrated Family Health, to install an urban agriculture initiative in Port-aux-Prince. Six hundred participants will be engaged in food producing projects centered on their residences as to address both their short and long term food security needs. for more information

Mali, Bamako

Dakar, Senegal: In Autumn 2004 Sara Finley, an Alternatives intern and Rooftop Garden Project team member, began a five month cooperation with ANAFA (an adult literacy group and long time partner of Alternatives) to build a demonstration garden on their office rooftop.

Havana, Cuba: In Januray 2004 Ismael Hautecoeur, a Project Officer at Alternatives, travelled to Havana to learn about organoponics and permaculture techniques. This marked the start of a cooperation between Alternatives and La Fundacion Antonio Nunez Jimenez de la Naturaleza y el Hombre to develop soil-less rooftop gardens in Havana.

Tehuacan, Mexico: The Rooftop Garden Project has visited the Institute of Simplified Hydroponics , where many of the designs we initially use originated. Read Benjamin Grégoire's visit report for more information about the organization.

Casablanca, Morocco: Since 2002, we have been working with Club Helios, a student environment group at the University of Casablanca, to adapt soil-less gardening to the Moroccan urban context.

Bamako, Mali : En janvier 2005, Ismael Hautecoeur s’est rendu à La Havane pour se renseigner sur les techniques de culture hydroponique biologique (« organoponique ») et de permaculture. De ce voyage est né une collaboration entre Alternatives et La Fundacion Antonio Nunez Jimenez de la Naturaleza y el Hombre qui a pour but de créer des jardins sans terre sur les toits de la capitale cubaine.

Johannesburg, Afrique du Sud : À l’automne 2004, Sara Finley, une stagiaire d’Alternatives et un membre de l’équipe du projet Des jardins sur les toits, a entamé une collaboration de cinq mois avec l’ANAFA (un partenaire de longue date d’Alternatives qui travaille sur l’alphabétisation des adultes) pour créer un jardin de démonstration sur le toit de leur édifice.

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