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Terrace Gardens of Old Montreal CÉGEP

The Rooftop Garden Project in collaboration with the Cégep du Vieux Garden Committee has transformed three of the campus’ concrete terraces into productive green spaces. As well as offering the Cégep community lush gardens, this innovative initiative is encouraging Cégep students to participate in the physical improvement of their own campus while offering them a pleasant space to learn, taste, and discuss.

This important project has not only created a new gathering space but has an outdoor classroom that encourages students, staff, and neighbors to consider issues such as urban planning, food security, and the environment.

Nearly 50 self-watering containers have been installed on the terrace, including 15 self-watering buckets that were constructed by Cégep students from recuperated materials.

The Cégep du Vieux Montréal garden invites the community to participate in three animated gardening sessions per week:
Monday 17h-19h
Wednesday 15h30-17h30
Saturday 11h-13h

D’autres évènements, ateliers et rencontres ont lieu en dehors de ces horaires, informez vous !

To contact us:
Cégep of Old Montréal Web site
Pictures of the project

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