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Terroir Scolaire - school gardens of the Plateau Mont-Royal

Educational institutions, with their mandate to proliferate ideas, are one of the most important places to establish urban agriculture projects.

Food gardens have been installed in the paved courtyards of Paul-Bruchési et St. Pierre Claver primary schools on Plateau Mont-Royal. Horticulturalists maintain these gardens ensuring that a healthy and productive garden awaits the students upon their return. The gardens are the arena for an environmental workshop series that the horticulturalists will offer to the students, exploring with them topics such as ecology, horticulture, and nutrition.

Once a month, the harvest from the school garden is used to create a delicious, healthy local meal for sale to the citizens of the Plateau available at their local farmer’s market located at the schoolyard of Arc-en-Ciel School 4265 Avenue Laval. (map)

This Pilote Project is experimenting with a model of urban agriculture that aims to green our city, produce local food for our community, and create outdoor classrooms for our children. This project was made possible with assistance from the Rooftop Garden project, Les Cuisines Collective du Plateau, Preserves and Stone and the Plateau Farmer’s Market.

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