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Rooftop Garden Project at Port-au-Prince

Alternative’s is developing an environmental revitalisation and food security project in partnership with APROSIFA, the Association for the Promotion of Integrated Family Health. The goal of the project is to increase food autonomy for hundreds of residents in the Carrefour Feuilles neighborhood of Port-au-Prince while stimulating a dynamic exchange of goods and services in the realm of food production. The project proposes not only to integrate new and innovative urban agricultural practices into this working-class neighborhood, but also introduces a new approach to food security in Haiti, as a project of this scope has not yet been undertaken. Particular emphasis will be placed on the production of compost in order to address the critical issue of organic waste management currently threatening the health of Port-au-Prince residents.

The result of the project will be the creation of a localized exchange of agricultural goods and services, produced in an urban milieu, among the residents of this inner city neighborhood. Urban agriculture is a complex ecological system that integrates both natural resource management and the revitalization of the resident area. It is a tool for both social change and environmental rejuvenation. Through the diversification of food production, Carrefour Feuilles will achieve a more sustainable food system while stimulating economic growth and a biodiverse urban environment. Urban agriculture, responding to basic human needs, must be considered in the reconstruction of Haiti's cities.

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