Internship offer to work on the Rooftop Garden Project this summer !!

Katimavik is looking for an intern, who knows quite well urban agriculture, or/and shows great interest in this area. The person will have the opportunity to work on the ground with community groups in Montreal on urban agriculture projects. Please consult the following site for all matters of eligibility eco-stage :

The internship will be to work as full-time (4days) intern for 3 months at the Rooftop Garden Project of Alternatives. He /she will work with the project manager of environmental/urban agriculture projects at Alternatives and depending on the needs of the project, she or he will establish an action plan to strengthen, improve and expand urban agriculture projects in the community. The intern will also offer workshops and garden in different locations in Montreal.

The eco-stage program offer a stipen of $ 1 000 per month and requires a commitment to a collective project of Katimavik one day per week. * Katimavik is funding this eco-STAG.

If you are interested, Send your resume by e-mail to before Monday, May 16th mai at 5pm.
To reach Melanie by phone: (514) 982-6606 ext. 2237

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Posté par jardiniers le Ven, 13/05/2011 - 2:55pm.